Mon, September 15, 2014

Industrial Apartment in Kiev // Olga Akulova


Olga Akulova DESIGN team started to work on their client Svitlana’s apartment interior in 2012. Designers remoulded non load bearing walls and created a new apertment space. They transformed the area into several zones separetwd by sliding doors (Rimadesio), a stone island (Modulnova) and unaltered, industrial concreate columns. The main idea for the interior was to be close to KENZO style home details.

Sun, September 14, 2014

The House AW’2014/2015 Fashion Collection // Baiba Ladiga


The main inspiration for this fashion collection is the house and its interior. Things, that we see and surround us in our daily life, somehow they seem so far from the life we spend outside of our home, the garments we are wearing. Tiles, parquet, ceramic vase, Tabletop… Rarely or almost never we use interior elements, textures in our clothing.

Dulux World Of Colour 2014 Stand Design // UNO


The Dulux World of Colour stand at designEX 2014 was created to illustrate the dynamic and unique colour palette of the Dulux World of Colour Atlas. A series of totem poles representing the different product offerings from Dulux – Dulux Decorative, Woodcare , Dulux Powder Coating, Dulux Protective Coating and Dulux Acratex – were a key feature of the stand.

Segenhoe Suite Interior // Luchetti Krelle


The suite for a prominent Hunter Valley stud farm within the new Randwick Racecourse celebrates a luxury level associated with “The Big Race Day”. It’s effectively an urban escape with a wonderful sense of occasion fuelled by the exuberant colour and patterns of jockey uniforms, lamps inspired by lady’s hats and strap buckle carpeting!

Gordon Street Garage // Foolscap Studio


Based on the ideal of an Italian garage, where tomato passata making occurs, fresh pasta is hung to dry and home made wine is stored, Gordon Street Garage provides warmth and energy to a sleepy industrial area of West Perth. Formally a mechanics shop, this Nonna’s kitchen style fit out is taking Perth by storm.

Sat, September 13, 2014

(I)DEAL WITH IT Fashion Collection // Saina Koohnavard


Saina Koohnavard is a fashion designer based in Borås, Sweden. She graduated from The Swedish School of Textiles’ BA Fashion program in June 2013 and is currently taking her MA degree at the same university.

A.BAKER Restaurant Interior // DesignOffice


A. BAKER is designed to exist over two levels within the newly refurbished heritage listed building. Raw and confident, the design of A. BAKER seeks to weave a connection between the fabric of the existing building and the artisanal crafts of bread-making, coffee- making, cooking and bartending.

St. Pancras International in London // Christopher Jenner


The Ticket Hall for The Eurostar at St Pancras International embraces the age old discourse between English and French culture in favour of their shared artistic values. Art Nouveau and Victorian Gothic design principles are expressed through a narrative of craft, heralding a return to the Golden Age of travel.

Central London Flat // VW+BS Architecture & Design


This central London flat belongs to an extended family of several generations from South East Asia, who regularly visit London for work and pleasure. It could be used by two families staying for a two week holiday or just two adults in London for a few days of work. Therefore the goal was to create as flexible a space as possible that could accommodate a variety of functions, and be simple in design.

Fri, September 12, 2014

AW 14/15 SEIFUKU-Say what? Fashion Collection // MoMi-Ko


Designer of MoMi-Ko considers the fashion as the mean to share her state of mind. She creates parallel collections: MoMi-Ko covers the clothes and the second one RebelliousBEAR covers avant-garde creations. She is inspired by everything in the broadest meaning of this word. Each collection describes its story. She believes that one day she’ll create something unique.

Tue, February 25, 2014

Drummonds Showcase // Christopher Jenner


Heralding the start of a creative collaboration, this beautifully crafted environment showcases Drummonds handmade bathroom collections in an emotive departure from conventional showroom design. The space is an elemental narrative of form and materials, devised to demonstrate the artisanal,handmade heritage that lies at the heart of Drummonds craft process.

Mon, February 24, 2014

‘Another Composition’ Graduate Fashion Collection // Julia Seemann


An image, a collection – two-dimensional geometric elements, existing as a self-contained concrete composition and without referencing nature and visual reality, are incorporated in the formal language of clothing and designed to construct along the human body. Not only the reduced forms and cuts, but also the materiality inherently convey a sense of rawness and directness. In the interplay with the female body these qualities produce a unique modern aesthetic.

Continuum Lighting Installation // UVA


Taking a closer look into the sound and light waves traveling the world around us, Continuum was born out of studies into interference; interacting waves that are refracted by the environment and spaces we occupy. The piece is an attempt to merge the visible and invisible and to observe the complex fringes of order. With Continuum, UVA takes this idea of interfering fields, and tries to reapply it outside the confinements of physics.

Sat, June 22, 2013

‘A Maze for Yorkshire’ @ The Orangery, Wakefield // Richard Woods


‘A Maze for Yorkshire’, fantastical cartoon dry-stone wall by internationally renowned artist Richard Woods has landed at The Orangery Wakefield this summer. This unique gift for Wakefield and the region is a space for everyone to experience, explore and enjoy. Commissioned by Beam, ‘A Maze for Yorkshire’ sits in the historic gardens of The Orangery, a hidden green gem in the heart of Wakefield’s emerging creative quarter.

Fri, June 21, 2013

AW’2013-2014 Fashion Collection // Paskal


Leather, minimalist styles and a lot of metal shine – in the collection F / W 2013-14 Julie Paskal quotes the 90s fashion recalling the rave culture and inspired by the images of the super-models of that time. The collection’s mood conveys a dark gamma – mouse gray and neat black used in conjunction with the ‘metallic’ – a cold silver, pale gold, icy blue and frozen green. In the perforated details which have become the basis of the brand identity, this time designer used vegetation themes.

Les Bébés Cupcakery // JC Architecture


Les Bébés Cupcakery is a concept bakery shop situated in Taipei, Taiwan. Interior was designed by JC Architecture and carries out elegance, purity and simplicity. Minimalist approach with spicy yellow accents follows the concept of visual temptation.

‘White Sanctuary’ – Lovely Swedish Apartment


Welcome to a dream apartment from the last century which was lovingly and tastefully renovated, down to the smallest detail. The building was built in 1904 and much of the original charm of the last century is preserved in the form of 2.85 foot ceilings, beautiful roof with a clean stucco, ceiling rose, fine profiled moldings, deep window niches and mirrored doors. Airy atmosphere was added with white colour palette created and Scandinavian style interior.

Delbôve Flagship Store // Christophe Remy


​Christophe Remy created an elegant interior design for the Delbôve boutique in Brussels. Delbôve is a high-end cosmetics line with long history. It was recently re-launched by Gina d’Alsembourg who delegated the overall concept, from graphic design to packaging and shop interior to art director Christophe Remy.

Burma Jewelry Boutique in Paris // ATELIER DU PONT


The front of the Burma boutique in Rue de la Paix is decked out in black and glass. The exterior and interior spaces attract and interact via a facade that takes its inspiration from the portrait gallery. The jewelry in the shop window is exhibited in hanging elliptical display cases that almost seem to float in the air; the back of the cases is reminiscent of a hand-held mirror. This display provides a bold and unusual introduction to the store.

Thu, June 20, 2013

Sculptures with Ephemeral Materiality // Diana Al-Hadid


Diana Al-Hadid is a contemporary artist from Syria who now lives and works in New York. Her work in many ways is about architecture. Diana’s sculptures often recall built structures — cathedrals, pipe organs, towers, labyrinths, cities — yet are made of simple, often delicate or fragile materials, such as polymer gypsum, plaster, fiberglass, wood, polystyrene, cardboard, wax, and paint, commonly found in art and industrial supply shops.

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