Fri, May 4, 2012

‘Une Histoire Voodoo’ Jewelry Collection // Voodoo Jewels


The collections stem from a blend of tribal atmospheres, distant legends, Gothic emotions and a certain fascination for shamanic rituals. In tribal cultures, Voodoo objects are attributed with magical qualities; they are the bridge between the human dimension and the spirits of nature.

Similarly, Voodoo creations act as a bridge between earthly reality and an enchanted world inhabited by spirits and ghosts. These jewels are made using natural materials such as bone, teeth, unhewn stones and feathers discovered all over Europe in the continuous quest for new suggestions and new inspirations, in addition to semi-precious metals such as bronze and silver – all strictly handmade.

You can contact designer Livia Lazzari or buy these jewelry pieces here.

Via Livia Lazzari, Not Just a Label








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