Sat, May 5, 2012

Change Room Cocoons // Patkau Architects


Change Room Cocoons were designed by Patkau Architects for the new six-storey Dover Street Market shop in Ginza, Tokyo. A soft, muted exterior surface of stainless steel transforms sheet to mass, constructing a sense of the immutable. The figuration is clear, from some perspectives seamless. Soft mass absorbs and blurs the ‘delirium’ of immediate context. Form appears to ‘hold’ light, to make it almost ‘material’ as a volume. Interior reflections multiply formal symmetries in a dizzying kaleidoscopic array.

Using their pre-existing skating shelter cocoons as an inspiration, the architects replaced the wood with stainless steel to meet fire codes for indoor use.

Each cocoon is assembled from three pattern-cut 18 gauge stainless steel sheets to form subtle, body-like forms. Flanges along the ridge, spine, and mid-panel seams are folded and reinforced with drilled and tapped 7 gauge stainless steel plates to accept countersunk fasteners. The panels are welded to 3 gauge base plates that fasten to a 1.5”x1.5” HSS stainless steel.

Via Patkau Architects








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