Sat, May 5, 2012

Minimalist Penthouse in Copenhagen // NORM Architects


On the top of one the few high-rise buildings in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, the interior of this penthouse has been completely redone. The apartment has a stunning view overlooking the city to both sides. The clients dream was a completely minimalistic space with no nonsense and plenty of light on the top of town.

NORM Architects tore down a substantial part of the concrete walls and cut all doors open to the ceilings, in order to create an open plan and increase the feeling of height. To increase the feeling of one space a white resin floor was cast to connect all the rooms. To divide the living areas from the bathroom a core was constructed, containing cupboards, fridge, etc., to one side and a flat screen to the other. The core was painted in a mat black color to contrast the white walls, floors and ceilings. Underneath the black core the architects installed hidden lighting to give it a hovering feel and a sense of lightness.

An important part of the project was to minimize details such as paneling, door knobs, fittings, etc. and create a monastic, simple atmosphere that was perfect for mental relaxation after a hard and stressful day at the office, and that worked as a neutral backdrop for the more sculptural furniture.

To ensure a simple interior white cupboards and closets were built in to the walls in full height with hidden fittings to make them look like walls. Built-in storage goes a long way toward eliminating clutter. All wires were cut in to the walls and the rest of the lighting done with wireless switches and the heating was put into the floors.

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