Tue, May 8, 2012

Summer House in Southern Burgenland // Judith Benzer Architektur


The project Summer House in Southern Burgenland (Austria) describes a sharp-edged cubature which fits into its surroundings through its simplicity and homogeneous appearance.

In being used as a summer house, and by virtue of the installation of a wine cellar with production surfaces at a later date, the building’s design is oriented by the cubature of the Kellerstöckel (wine house), typical of the Southern Burgenland region.

The cellar contains rooms for wine storage and production; the above ground rooms are for residential use. The cellar has been executed in a ferroconcrete massive construction. The ground floor and first floor were constructed as a pure wood construction. Here, the undisguised wooden cross layer elements were rendered effective not only in their structural-static functions but also as design elements. As a counter weight, the wooden construction material employed on a large-scale stands vis-à-vis exposed concrete and steel materials. The materials were consciously employed in an untreated, undisguised state; in their combination, they form a homogeneous ambiance.

Photography by Martin Weiß
Via Judith Benzer Architektur, Archinect








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