Wed, May 9, 2012

Grotte Stellaire Installation // Julien Salaud


French artist Julien Salaud has created a stunning installation for Paris’ newly renovated Palais de Tokyo. Inspired by the ethno-astronomer Chantal Jègues Wolkiewiez and the Lascaux caves, which house the first images ever created by mankind, Julien Salaud presents an interpretation of the cave and its paintings alleged astronomically.

It adorns the walls of the room and Alice Guy Hall turns into Stellar Cave, developing animal constellations using lights’ networks. It awakens the potential Paleolithic rituals associated with worship of the stars and says, in this is necessarily devoted to the appearance of images, a fable about the birth of these in our consciousness.

Grotte Stellaire  by Julien Salaud can be seen at Palais de Tokyo‘s Alice Guy Hall and is part of the Triennale, which takes place at the venue and at other places across the city until 26 August.

Via Palais de Tokyo








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