Sat, May 12, 2012

‘Good Residence’ // Crone Partners Melbourne


The gorgeous Good Residence in Sandringham, Victoria has been designed by Crone Partners Melbourne. The designers have worked closely with the homeowners to downsize their “wish list” into a crisp and deliverable brief.

The delicately detailed bold rectilinear form of the residential structure is set back from the street amidst a carpeting of natural ground cover. A fine path formed from old railway sleepers has been marvelously entrenched into the ground to make the entrance even more attractive. The view from the street substantiates at once that this house is somewhat different to those in the neighborhood and moreover, the residence sits comfortably and proportionally in its street context. The simple interconnecting and overlapping rectangular forms makes this structure even more attention grabbing. Every box like structure signifies a distinct portion of the designing part including a bedroom, study zone, living, workshop, garage, parents retreat and a wonderful outdoor terrace.

Via Crone Partners Melbourne, Interior Exterior Plan








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