Tue, May 15, 2012

Onexim Hall Renovation // Form Bureau


The new hall is a renovation of the old cinema built during Stalin’s times. The old interior was completely reconstructed, but its monumental spirit was preserved. The new space accommodates functions of the conference room, press center, movie theater, event area. Along the inner wall of the hall there are additional rooms such as meeting room, catering room, wc, storage.

The extremely short period of renovation forced architects to use in the interior the simplest and most accessible materials. These materials and rhythm of the wall’ division create a feeling of simplicity and monumentality.

In the hall there are two elements that organize the free space of the hall – staircase and glass block wall.

Glass block wall fixes the orientation of the hall, defining the ‘stage’ for performance. Behind the transparent wall, LED lamps are installed, which form a crystalline pattern of glowing grid.

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