Thu, May 17, 2012

Cosmopolitan Beau by Rayson Tan// Lile Aux Ashby


Cosmopolitan Beau presents a mish mash of architecture, art deco, geometry and pop culture. It celebrates individualism and cohesion. Everyone is made up of unique details; and everyone ought to embrace diversity in this cosmopolitan world today. In essence, Cosmopolitan Beau can be anybody’s state of the mind and heart. Get rapt by architectural eye candy, alongside with squares and rectangles – the shapes that make us feel safe and protected.

Circles and splashes of colours with nuances from art deco and pop culture are a mark of completeness. Progression or movement is hinted by triangles. An amalgamation of all these influences sums up a person’s state of mind and heart in reality – complex, but unique.

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