Fri, May 18, 2012

Mind Blowing Menswear Fashion Collection ‘Exploded View’ // KAMPE


‘Exploded View’ fashion collection implies: explosion, destruction, detonation in our well structured world. The main inspiration were Exploded View Drawings and blueprints from engineers mixed with modern art influences.

Using influences that are actually not really known for being a fashion inspiration such as tectonic plates movement, social “tectonic movements” or the power of a drop of water thrills designer Michael Kampe for every new project.

Designer Michael Kampe says: “I was fascinated by the idea and image you get when you deconstruct existing pieces like a trench coat, tailored jacket or parka into several parts. Afterwards I reconstructed them to a new piece. By doing so I changed their cut and experimented with new combinations of fabrics like digital printed cotton on foam, jersey with nylon and popelines with linen. It is very important to me that the wearer does not look goofy or like in a costume. Therefore, the pieces are referring to menswear classics like Trenchcoat, Perfecto and Tuxedo, but extremely abstract to create innovative garments. Reducing the show elements in some pieces they become interesting wearable garments.”

For the shapes Michael Kampe is inspired by deconstructive architects and an-architects like Lebbeus Woods and artists like Florian Baudrexel, E.V. Day and Lucy McRae.

Via Michael Kampe, Not Just a Label








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