Wed, May 23, 2012

‘Parnassus’ Social Restaurant // @ Franciskanenkerk, Ghent


Located in the heart of Ghent this former Franciskanenkerk currently holds the social restaurant of association Ateljee. Sometimes it also serves as a shelter and canteen for homeless in winter or it can be rented for all kind of (cultural) events.

Association Ateljee is a non-profit organization, that provides social help and employment assistance for people with reduced opportunities, with the aim to improve functioning of the individual. These people participate in one of the many employment projects including Ateljee The Circle Shops, ‘Parnassus‘ Social Restaurant, biological horticulture company The House, the bicycle repair workshop, textile sorting etc.

The ‘Parnassus‘ Restaurant is open from 12.00 to 14.00 o’clock only, Monday – Friday. The property has an area of 400 square meters and includes a church and sacristy. Under the name “Parnassus”, this former church converted into center for culture and meetings.

Originally this was the monastery, but by 1840 it was sold the convent to the Friars Minor (Franciscans) and extended. Since then, this Less Broederkerk was widely known in the Ghent region, where to mid-April 2004 daily Eucharistic celebrations were held. Architect Camille Colpaert Jr. has completed the architectural extensions of the church at 1857. Franciskanenkerk has a beautiful Baroque interior and the organ, which is still in very good condition, dates from 1894 and was made by Pieter Scheyven from Brussels.

The most amazing feature of the interior is an interesting ceiling installation and lighting organization, which brings an urban look into a canonic space. The ambience of the place is very unusual, as you can see meal’s menu next to the sacred sculptures, but from another side it’s a social place for people, who need help, therefore the church serves its original aim.

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  • jean-pierre clémençon

    Merci pour cette publication mais il aurait été sympathique de citer le nom de l’auteur de cette sculpture !







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