Wed, May 23, 2012

Gordons Bay House // Luigi Rosselli Architects


Set on the hillside overlooking the bay, Gordons Bay House consists of three levels, each level alternatively offset from the boundary by six degrees. The alternating orientation of each floor provides a response to different constraints imposed by the site.

The garage floor is skewed to provide easy access from the adjacent lane, while maximising the landscaped area at the front of the dwelling. The ground floor alternately angles northwest towards the view of the bay and the Clovelly headland. This also preserves and enhances views from the public lane on the southern side of the building. The first floor scissors again to produce a series of roof terraces and cantilevered overhangs that correspondingly expose and cover the spaces above and below. This order ensures that the project does not step on neighbour’s toes, without compromising the quality of the house. Alternating levels all pivot around a dramatic double height gallery stairwell that accommodates the client’s extensive collection of artwork and draws light and air through the centre of the dwelling.

Built to last, the house uses off-form concrete slabs and edge beams allowing the structure to cantilever gracefully. Windows and custom designed wall cladding are similarly treated with ellipsoid aluminium louvres that provide protection from the aggressive seaside environment. This palette of materials, as well as the use of new and salvaged timbers, and sandstone all elegantly speak of its setting.

Photography by Richard Glover, Justin Alexander
Via Luigi Rosselli Architects








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