Wed, May 23, 2012

AW’12-13 Fashion Collection // Âme Sœur


“One-Cut-Piece” is an expression in film-making, describing a video which is filmed without a single cut. Translated to the fashion context, Âme Sœur uses this expression to illustrate that each dress is made out of one single piece of garment and modeled “par moulage”.

Moulage is an Haute Couture technique and means the three-dimensional creation of a design or pattern on a tailor’s dummy. Precisely placed stitches give the pieces architectural forms and unique volume. In contrary to common pattern construction methods, the One-Cut Concept overrides the classical construction rules. Making clothes from only one piece of fabric fundamentally changes the aesthetics of the garment and recalls new shapes and ideas.

Via Âme Sœur, Not Just a Label








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