Mon, May 28, 2012

Elegant Fashion Collection A/W’12 // Yelena Loguiiko


Playing with notions of masculinity and femininity, Yelena Loguiiko’s A|W 2012 collection takes inspiration from 1920s fashion, Irving Penn’s “Small Trades” and the colors palette and geometric, abstract art of Vassily Kandinsky.

Designed for the confident, bohemian woman with a strong sense of personal style, the garments artistically emphasize the female body’s natural features, while at the same time becoming a statement of feminine power. Geometric shapes and layers result in loose, boxy silhouettes with rounded, extended shoulders.

Yelena Loguiiko’s signature attention to tailoring detail achieves a look of simplicity through complexity and creative development. The fabrics are a mix of wool, French crepe, Toscana shearling and leather, framed in rich, elegant earthy colors – deep red, terracotta, electric blue, dark green. Both daywear and eveningwear pieces are included, with jackets and coats to match.

Via Yelena Loguiiko, Noy Just a Label








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