Sat, June 2, 2012

Richard Deacon Exhibition // @ Lisson Gallery, London


Lisson Gallery is hosting an exhibition of new work by British artist, Richard Deacon; one of the most important and influential sculptors working today. Throughout his practice, Deacon has employed diverse materials including wood, aluminium, plastic, steel, ceramic, glass, rubber, resin, polycarbonate, leather and cloth: exploiting their potential to create complex and challenging forms. It is a radical vocabulary that encompasses the organic, amorphous, geometric, rectilinear, intimate and monumental.

Installed in the gallery’s courtyard, Congregate (2011) is a large stainless steel sculpture comprising eight unique, skeletal, polygonal frames that interlock to create a single, complex unit. Drawing inspiration from collective organisations, Deacon has brought together individual elements to construct an intricate and challenging entirety: a sculptural congregation. Although whole, the sculpture emits a restless and pulsating dynamism, echoed in the highly worked steel surface.  A myriad of shapes and angles invite multiple perspectives and act as a reminder of its individual parts.  Congregate cannot be perceived in a singular moment and, rather, the spectator is forced to move around it, navigating its form.

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