Wed, June 13, 2012

6th Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt Store // Cinimod Studio


Cinimod studio have delivered their 6th Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt store, and as always, design and technology boundaries have been pushed to deliver a unique retail space.

The Chelsea store presented unique design challenges that included a deep shop unit with a relatively narrow shop front. This led to the Cinimod design team seeking new and innovative ways to create a highly visible store that would deliver an eye-catching high street presence using a fusion between sculptured architectural and lighting elements. Building on design explorations from previous Snog stores, Cinimod have taken the integrated furniture and lighting design to new levels.

Highly visible from outside is the “Ribbon Ceiling” of undulating light. The complex form was derived using parametric software to create the smooth rippling form that varies in depth and pitch across the overall store plan. Cinimod deployed a new lighting control system by amBX. This responds in real-time to the store’s music system, creating dynamic colour movements across the ribbon ceiling that are perfectly in tune with the music. This ensures that the ceiling colours never appears static or repetitive, and instead are in a state of continuous responsiveness to the acoustic environment.

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