Fri, June 15, 2012

Smoking Club Hi/Lo // Workshop Of Wonders


The name Hi/Lo visualizes bipolar concept of Heaven & Hell that lies at the root of this interior design. It also corresponds to the different states of getting stoned and is used to depict different aspects of this hospitality business for example the variation of tastes on the weed and hash menu. The brief at the time was to design a contemporary high-end hospitality space in which one smokes weed and hash in a context of security and comfort using elements that make reference to an Arabic atmosphere.

The interior concept was derived from the original name ‘destination’, considering there are only two ultimate destinations, heaven and hell. For ‘Heaven’ designers were inspired by the idea of floating in a cloudscape, airy, light and high. The one off heavenly Wall Art created via the Shop Around creative supermarket agency in Amsterdam supported this fully, including the sunrays radiating from the only back window that they transformed into the sun. ‘Hell’ is as expected much more direct, it was inspired by the opium dens of the east, those dark rooms where one stays for days under the influence of that mystic substance.

Designers from Workshop Of Wonders have once again been able to create a space that supports their main goal of creating memories. They love being part of the experience that customers will have enjoying this environment in their various stages of getting high.

Photography by Kasia Gatkowska
Via Workshop Of Wonders








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