Sat, June 23, 2012

Nando’s Dublin // BuckleyGrayYeoman


Following on from completed projects in London, Manchester and Glasgow, BuckleyGrayYeoman’s rebranding of Nando’s continued in Dublin. This 80-seat restaurant seeks to mix natural materials and hand crafted techniques with a contemporary reclaimed industrial aesthetic.

BuckleyGrayYeoman has managed to fuse raw materials such as reinforcement bars, with soft lighting, intermittent rhythm and a splash of colour to create a unique servery, which comes to life and is a clear focus upon entering the restaurant. The main dining area is then defined by a modular ceiling made of raw steel frames and locally woven willow.  The eclectic mix of furniture and materials work together to create a space that is inviting, fun and tactile throughout.

Via BuckleyGrayYeoman








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