Thu, June 28, 2012

SS’2013 Fashion Collection // Minki Cheng


This collection tells a story about human surviving the arrival of the doomsday. It is inspired by the idea of human body kits protecting human from being harmed by the disasters caused by the tragedy. The collection is developed by looking into the abilities living things in the nature possess to protect themselves.

In comparison, humans are relatively vulnerable. Sportswear has come to be another important part of the research, as it contains many elements of protection and enhancement to physical performance. The research into living things provides the collection with rich, fascinating colours and textures, while the sportswear provides details, cutting lines and silhouettes. The ‘plastic fur’ has become the key element of the collection, as it symbolises the fundamental function of fur – to keep warm, as well as the idea of protection as plastic is a strong material that can protect us from physical harm.

Via  Not Just a Label








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