Sat, June 30, 2012

‘PREY’ Fashion Collection // Anja Merete Larsen


In Anja’s ‘PREY’ collection, the prey hanging from, and strapped onto, the hunter’s body is interpreted into accessories. Inspired by the classic realm of hunting and the pragmatic, functional and decorative camouflage colours of the genre, Anja Merete Larsen has designed a line of clothing for women.

The traditional country-house life with its inherent contrasts between indoor and outdoor living, between the superfluous and decorated and the practical and rustic has inspired the collection of cut out, undecorated clothing combined with large, ornamental accessories referring to the realm of hunting. The white basic colour leaves room for complex body jewellery made from rustic and ‘noble’ materials such as bend leather, polished wood and passementerie; a line of clothing for the urban, courageous woman whose hunting grounds are far from traditional.

Via Not Just a Label








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