Mon, July 9, 2012

Old Danish Forest House // Stine & Henry


With love for the original and a good eye for well-chosen design classics Stine and Henry turned an old log cabin into a Summer Residence with the authentic charm.

Some five hundred meters from the sea in Northern Zealand in Denmark is situated a beautiful old log cabin from 1924, with painted black outside and white window frames. At first glance, one can easily believe that the house has a fully painted white inside and the interior looks just like a classic cottage. But it’s far from the truth.

Stine Christa Engel Busk, owner of clothing company Munderingskompagniet, together with her husband Henry Busk chose a completely different and inspiring interior design, but with respect for the cottage’s original expression.

Photography by Birgitta W. Drejer
Via Vart Nya Hem








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