Tue, July 10, 2012

Greenpeace Expo in Rotterdam Zoo // De Organisatie


Commissioned by Greenpeace, De Organisatie has designed and realized an exhibition on marine reserves in Rotterdam Zoo. The goal is to inform over half a million visitors per year on the value and necessity of marine reserves in the North Sea.

Visitors to the exhibition will find themselves in an abstracted marine world. Isobaths (contour lines) of a nautical map mark the floor and provide an impressive, luminous seating to watch an information film on the LED video wall. The surrounding walls are painted matte black with red and blue text and graphics that respond to the light that the seating radiates. When the seating radiates red light the red texts and illustrations about the threats of the North Sea reserve are readable and the blue texts are dimmed. When the room turns blue again, the warnings disappear and the natural resources in a marine reserve become visible and tangible. Because of this clever use of color, material and light the visitor experiences a spatial transformation of life in marine reserves (blue) to life without marine reserves (red).

On two touch screens, visitors can create their own virtual fish that will inform on the state of the marine reserves after visiting the exhibition. To inform and entertain the young visitor, we have made a play corner with fluorescent fish. Shoebox dioramas explain the importance of marine reserves.

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