Thu, July 12, 2012

‘Don Giovanni’ at LA Phil / Set Design // Frank Gehry


With a stage by Frank Gehry and costumes by Rodarte, the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s spin on “Don Giovanni” is set in a brave new world. Since its debut in Prague in 1787, Mozart’s Don Giovanni has become one of the most widely performed operas in the world. But it’s never been done quite like this.

Disney Hall was completed in 2003, but Don Giovanni is the first occasion Gehry has designed a set for the space. And though the building’s shell-like interior is engineered to enhance acoustics, an opera has never been staged there.

Gehry’s world is a cold and colorless one, with glacial walls crafted out of white crumpled sheets. These voluminous facades serve as protection for characters to eavesdrop on each other and become the metaphorical pages of Don Giovanni’s “book,” in which he keeps track of his conquests.

Via  The Daily Beast








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