Wed, July 18, 2012

Fashion Collection SS’12 // Jamie Wei Huang


SS’12 fashion collection of Jamie Wei Huang is comprised of Illusion, Op-Art, and Visual movements. It Is typified by dramatic trick-optic effect of lines and visual effects but in a modern subtle way. Designer tends to develop it into the concept of futurisms silhouette and geometric shape on the garments. Translating the effect of vision movements from Op-Art into modern simplistic idea of fashion by recreate elements on fabric, texture, and materials.

The collection took the concept of ‘Moholy’ -Nagy’s Light Space Modlator Piene to preform the mood and go through the whole collection. The pieces is designed to be wearable, but developed of the concept on pattern and details, also have the room for the materials to speak for itself.

Via  Jamie Wei Huang








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