Thu, July 19, 2012

Trace Room @ Victoria and Albert Museum // Atelier ChanChan


Atelier ChanChan is a practice based in London, operating in the realms between art and architecture; it was founded in 2010 by Cambridge scholar and AA scholarship graduate Zoe Chan. The practice takes a phenomenological approach to its work; aiming to create unique and beautiful spaces within the city. Designers investigate the relationship between architecture and emotion and how material, space, light and form can be manipulated to create new, imaginative, experience-driven architectures.

Often interested in the de-materialisation of architectural elements and thresholds; much of our architecture and installations experiment with transparency, scale, and the perception of space and its limits.

Their work spans across architectural projects such as galleries and houses to,installations, interiors and concept design Current projects which demonstrate their approach include: Secret Garden House, a private house in Dulwich which blends interior and exterior through a series of indoor and outdoor rooms and Trace Room, an installation and space at the Victoria and Albert Museum carved out from layers of stretched cord lines.

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