Fri, February 3, 2012

Penthouse In Sochi // Vladislav Zabolotnyy


This amazing penthouse interior overlooking Sochi city looks like a luxurious yacht. Panorama from the windows is striking with beautiful view on the Black sea & the city.

The customer requested to create an interior in the style of an expensive and luxurious yacht. The architect interpreted the theme in his own way. In his interiors, he often uses the black colour, not even black, but a complex dark colour, which is changing in different lighting conditions from graphite, complex gray colour to the metallic black. Through this black surface the area expands, the walls and ceilings “disappear”, you lose the actual size of the room. Here, this effect was particularly important: with a black architect hides extremely low ceilings.

Interior has a lot of wood, which makes sense for yacht style. However, in order to not have a sense of redundancy, the architect picked up a rare kind of teak with unusual reddish-black hue. In combination with the black it looks comfortable & stylish at the same time.

Via Salon
Photography by Evgeniy Luchin








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