Sat, July 21, 2012

’10kHz’ Fashion Collection // Vega Hernando


’10kHz’ pays homage to electronic music’s first generation, those composers and scientifics who pioneered that new sound conception. The collection is centered in this middle of the century characters, who belonged to the knowledgeable elites who were beginning to relate music with synthesis, mathematics and new technologies, thus creating a new and futuristic voice for the industrialized society. The postwar rigid silhouettes and characteristic elements from people who dedicate themselves to science coexist with graphics inspired in the first synthesizers and musical artifacts.

It is a collection with certain intellectual and retro feeling, where technology, traditional tailoring and a touch of connoisseur live together.

Photogtaphy Luís Araujo
Via Vega Hernando


  • Vega Hernando

    Wow! I knew nothing, thanks for show it!

  • Sara Guilarte








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