Mon, July 23, 2012

Kirk Originals Flagship Store // Campaign Design


In stark contrast to the conventional clinical white box of traditional opticians, Campaign created a dramatic interior for the London flagship store of global eyewear brand Kirk Originals. Taking inspiration from the brand’s latest Kinetic collections, the store design features displays of winking eyes in various guises. A series of larger than life lenticular printed eyes are suspended in the front window, simultaneously winking and catching customers’ eyes as they approach and enter the store.

A sense of interaction continues inside, as a wall of sculptural display heads runs the length of the store, providing a ready-made audience to enhance the instore experience. These ‘winkies’, 187 white powder-coated heads, each wear a unique frame and can be tilted and re-positioned to create clusters of onlooking craning heads.

Integral to the shopping experience, the Kirk Originals identity is interwoven throughout the space: a succinct account of the brand’s origins has been rendered in graphic text over two walls at the entrance; meanwhile a black and white projection on the back wall playfully reworks the Kirk Originals logo through a continual kaleidoscopic video loop.

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