Fri, July 27, 2012

SS’12 Fashion Collection // Qasimi Homme


This collection is inspired by the Spring Revolution and protests a boy finds himself reacting against governmental restraints and pressures. In a bid to fight for his freedom he and his gang of rebels storm palaces, which they torch and loot. In the process they decorate themselves in the destructed interior; therefore becoming part of what they had intended to destroy.

In this this collection, Qasimi reinterprets the classic pieces of anarchic clothing to create a new dialogue. Army bombers and field jackets are given parachute strap detailing with a paratroop silhouette. Tough, masculine shapes and designs hint at a poetic delicacy with the use of baroque prints on silks, jerseys and cottons. This is also seen in the laser cut detailing on the leathers, shirts and T-shirts. This hint of rebellion is fast becoming the Qasimi esthetic.

Via Qasimi








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