Sun, July 29, 2012

‘Sleeping Beauties’ Fashion Collection // Marius Janusauskas


The beauty of a bud that has yet to become a flower, or a girl that lies still and has to be revived, these are the images that dominate in collection. There are many ways to awaken the girl: by a prince, a beast, a witch or by young woman. All these figures present symbolic promises or threats that are worked into the poetic, dream-like collection.

The sleeping beauty is still young after 116 years of sleep, but the beauty is entrapped in medical corsets and high necks. The front of the silhouettes hold the promise of a flower, a blossoming body, but the back is medical and cold. Blood- red seams seep through the collection to conjure up the vital life force.

Inspiration comes from different directions: horror and vampire movies, fairy-tales, the pleated silks of Mme Gres and sculptures by Pablo Atchugarry. Fragile lace was buried underground and burnt at the edges; pleats conceal openings which present endless promising futures. The collection both as a testimony of loss and a celebration of eternal youth.








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