Thu, August 9, 2012

‘Silent City of…’ SS’2013 Fashion Collection // Laend Phuengkit


The new 2013 Menswear collection finds a unique way of blending clear-cut, geometric lines with flowing silhouettes. ‘Silent City of…’ encapsulates the wasteland of brick buildings, solitude and empty expanses. Men who wear ‘Silent City of…’ epitomise a playful fight for freedom, as well as the pain of rebel-lion. Freedom, which is expressed in the remarkable blend of extremes and in the fear of the unfamiliar, runs through the ‘Silent City of…’ collection and is a familiar trademark of Studio Laend Phuengkit’s other designs.

Laend Phuengkit’s aesthetics designs are characterised by the innovatively cre-ative way in which European and Asian patterns and styles fuse together, evok-ing the contrasting lifestyles and philosophies of life. The designer achieves this by incorporating different shapes, patterns and prints into his passion for dra-pery. The unfamiliar slowly unfolds to reveal an exotic seductive power, luring the beholder towards familiarity.

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