Wed, August 15, 2012

‘Mount Peak’ Apartment Interior // Another Design


Most recently, in 2012, Pal Pang, Principal Architect of Another Design, attained the prestigious Italian A’ Design Award in Excellence in Design. Pal Pang’s interior architecture wowes with his daring use of futuristic geometric planes and materials, marrying them with the traditional elements of wood, steel and glass. His personal philosophy of integrating the elements of film, effects of light, sound and visual composition come together with his tactile attributes to complete the sensory experience, making Pang an outright winner among his creative peers.

Pang’s winning interior architectural design ‘Mount Peak’ involves the development of a typical Hong Kong apartment by gathering inspirations from and converting it into a Presidential Hotel Suite. A tasteful and creative blend of modern and traditional art, it melds varying textures of fabric and wood that are immaculately woven into the technical details and light composition. The periphery of furniture – lamps, bars and an island bed – and a monochrome colour tone sets this design up as one of the world-class models of elite modern living.








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