Thu, February 9, 2012

Atrium // Studio RHE


For the last twenty years, ‘Atrium’ has been located in the base of the Centrepoint tower, the iconic building that once held the title of the tallest building in London. Recently ‘Atrium’ has made a professional move away from modern furniture supply to selling the finest lighting products.

This then lead to a design Brief that required an interactive open space, with a central reception area that could very easily be converted into a darkened showroom.

Studio RHE designed a carefully choreographed intertwined space which utilizes a series of rotating, interlocking, hinged, jig-sawed wall panels that transform the bright day-lit space to a darkened showroom with a simple twist.

These rotating walls allow natural light to be played with throughout the day as well as adding an ever changing frontage to the streetscape of St. Giles Circus.

This theatrical transformation will let ‘Atrium’ demonstrate their range of ‘Soft Architecture’ lighting by FLOS. ‘Studio RHE’ has emphasized this by arranging a rich mix of tactile materials from high gloss resin to reclaimed Yara timber sleepers.

This has been done whilst keeping to a simple palette of predominantly a clean white, accentuated by a bright acid green used throughout the edges as a luminous highlight.

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