Mon, August 27, 2012

‘Future’s Memories’ Fashion Collection // Claudia Gamba


The inspiration behind the collection lays in Claudia’s interest towards architecture and history, which along with experimentation of the shapes’s construction, constituted the muse that gave life to each design.

Claudia found correlations between projects of future architectures that will be realized 100 years from now, and the “Spomenicks”, monuments of former Yugoslavia, that were built in the 1960s/70s as memorials to the WWII. In their dilapidated condition, their symbolism is now lost as the visual language has changed.

Claudia’s aim was to bring to life through her designs, connections between these different architectures, analyzing the analogies and differences and giving back through clothes their “voices”, a defined and loud visual language. The result is a minimal yet bold, sharp and modern outlook, where a methodical and attentive approach in the construction of the garments assures a perfect fit.

Via Not Just a Label








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