Mon, August 27, 2012

‘Return to the Sea’ Saltwork by Motoi Yamamoto // @ Laband Art Gallery


Japanese Motoi Yamamoto has elected salt as medium for his art. He started working with it as a response to the loss of his sister. Working with salt has since then been his way to keep her memory alive. In fact, in Japanese culture salt is a symbol of purification and mourning.

With salt Yamamoto builds up crumbling walls, deceiving tunnels and complex arabesques. In more recent years, he has focused his practice into mind-blowing site-specific installations.In September the traveling exhibition Return to the Sea: Saltwork is on show at Laband Art Gallery in Los Angeles. The title Return to the Sea also refers to the dismantling of Yamamoto’s pieces, when the salt will be collected and returned to the sea.

The exhibition runs from 8 September to 8 December.

Via Frame


  • jhonyale

    Wow! In my point of view, this is the one of the best art in the world. This salt art I really like. Please help me to learn this art.







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