Sun, September 2, 2012

‘Princess’ Fashion Collection // Lenka Sršňová


Lenka Sršňová’s work is characterized by a play of intense colours, patterns, attention to detail, humour and symbolism. Her models often teeter on the edge of reality and imagination, which gives them a unique and distinctive character. Infantile and playful nature of her work demonstrates the idea that “in each of us there is a child constantly yearning for a visual play of colour and imagination.”

Each of Lenka’s women and men wear is an original piece or a part of limited series. The emphasis is placed on design, sartorial detail, quality materials, and, in some lines, also on hand screen printing. Models are designed for people who like to experiment and have courage to enrich their wardrobe with a unique playful designer piece.

In addition to clothing, Lenka also works with fashion illustration, exhibition activities, and her work goes beyond fashion design to other artistic disciplines. Her work has been presented at home and abroad.

Lenka Sršňová
Images courtesy © Jakub Gulyás


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