Tue, September 4, 2012

AW’2012-2013 Fashion Collection // MAL-AIMÉE


Léonie Hostettler and Marius Borgeaud have met each other in the ateliers of Geneva University of art and design (Switzerland). They have been working together since their beginnings at Nina Ricci with Olivier Theyskens, whom they were assisting at the studio. Under the name of MAL-AIMÉE, they presented in October 2010 their first womenswear collection. They were joined by Justine Lévy, former journalist at Vogue and consultant in Paris, in march 2011 when she became President of the house and style consultant for all the collections. Strengthened by their young experience on the Paris fashion scene, and with a high level in shape making, the duo has pushed further its experimentations in volumes and lines.

They have paid also a serious attention to the choice of colors, fabrics and manufacture (everything in the collections is made in France). Simultaneously poetic, romantic, sporty and urban, the brand’s universe oscillates between extreme femininity and androgyny in order to create a new type of elegance.

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