Thu, September 6, 2012

Rewind Street Furniture // 2012Architecten


2012Architecten designed street furniture for the Willemsplein, at the foot of the famous Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. The architects choose 6 meter long wind turbine blades that were out of use because of their age. There were nine of these blades available, originally manufactured by STORK. With new concrete blocks of about 1m3, which are heavy enough to keep the long blades in place, the blades were transformed into benches. Most blades are used as a seat, some as a backrest. The seat depth ranges from 30cm to 80cm or from a ‘table-chair’ to ‘lounge-chair’.

Via DesignArtNews


  • Marijn van Rijsewijk

    Last week I wanted to pay a visit to this project, but could not find the blade benches. Am I correct in saying that they have been removed? Could you please let me know where they have moved to?

    Best regards, Marijn van Rijsewijk,







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