Sun, September 9, 2012

Art Installations // CAO | Perrot Studio


Drawing on diverse cultural backgrounds, Vietnamese American landscape artist Andy Cao and French landscape artist Xavier Perrot create hybrid environments – a blend of art and landscape to make a place for dreaming.

cao | perrot studio is collaborative in nature. Each of their projects is a hand-made work of love. The quest to experiment with new ideas takes them to exotic locales where they recontextualize everyday materials (fishing lines, cut crystals, recycled glass, mother-of-pearl, wire mesh), often collaborating with local artisans. These journeys , become a form of reverse pedagogy. This formless-based design lies at the heart of Cao and Perrot’s creative process, where serendipity, imagination and beauty coexist through Incidental Place Making.

Through observation and unlearning, they weave a personal narrative into dreamlike environments that defy specific meaning yet invite the viewer into a contemplative world of color and sensuality. Revealing “imperfection” as beauty marks gives their work a spontaneous, artisanal feel.

CAO | Perrot Studio








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