Fri, September 14, 2012

‘HC Project’ AW’2012-2013 Fashion // Sylvio Giardina


AW’2012-2013 Sylvio Giardina, influenced by the designer Gaetano Pesce’s works of the late Sixties, reinvents the silhouette, playing with shapes and volumes that are continuously morphing and wrapping the body. Rigorous shapes redesign the body, vibrate on it, spreading in a patchwork of fabrics, giving rise to a new identity for the clothing.

The classic body shapes are nullified for re-creating other ones, new, inspired by nature that are far away from the clichés stated by the fashion rhythms. Jersey merges with the expanded polyethylene and organic structures are composed as well as organza that creates a metallic derma, following a path which is never linear.

Fascinated by Steve McCurry’s portrait photos, he appropriates the colours from South-Eastern Asia: black, dove-color, bronze, violet, ivory, turquoise, copper red, beige, air force blue and different shades of green featuring in the color palette of the collection. Fabrics: Wool jersey, gaberdine, velvet, wool, mohair, metal organza.

Sylvio Giardina
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