Fri, September 14, 2012

Emmaus Second Hand Shop // BYTR Architects


In the Bilt (NL) one of the foundations of Emmaus is located. Emmaus sells second hand stuff. This messy store with voluntary homeless employees in return for a place to sleep needed a new refreshing interior desperately.

The store needed more air, light and space to do the products more justice. The relation from outside to inside improves by keeping the windows more empty and to store fine products in the high wall unit on the back, which are made from strong pallets of cardboard. A sculptural column with re-used tables forms a nice display as well without interrupting the view. White frames serve to support the pallets, provide structure and overview in the store and form the passages to the cozy sniffing corners on the back.

Now it is an ordered secondhand boutique, with actually more space to show products in a more pleasant way. This resulted in a doubling of sales.

BYTR Architects
Photography by Jasper van Zuijlen
Via Designboom








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