Sat, September 15, 2012

Makespace Co-working Office // Studio Sklim


Makespace co-working office resides in a brutalist slab block in Lavender, an old neighbourhood of small-scale manufacturing and fabrication trades. The design process to this creative office space opted to be in state of constant flux by establishing relationships to the context and actively seeking participatory input from the various users.

An array of trades such as the fabrication of PVC tarpaulin sheeting, metal hardware, garages, hardware shops populate the neighbourhood, bringing an industrial vibe to the vicinity. The whole neighbourhood became the material board. By utilising materials and trades in close proximity, we sought to minimise the carbon footprint of the project. Articles such as retro light fitting and chairs from the previous music studio were given a new lease of life. In addition, some areas were deliberately left under-designed and open ended to permit future personalization. Branding, business spatial conceptualisation and customised worktops completed the package.

Studio Sklim








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