Thu, September 20, 2012

Surrey Mansions // Staffan Tollgard


The clients purchased land in a sought-after area near Kingston upon Thames. To fit with the conservation surroundings, Nick Baker Architects developed an unassuming (though grandly proportioned) facade with a contemporised Arts and Crafts feel. Staffan Tollgard created bespoke, contemporary boutique interior, using beautiful natural materials.

The house also needed to function as a practical family home with certain areas reflecting their fun family life. These two somewhat opposing principles – boutique versus family (or dream versus reality) – needed to be reconciled to deliver a successful result.

The clients’ fondness for natural materials, combined with the plot’s tree-lined setting, supported the application of certain Arts and Crafts principles to the interiors. They loved the concept of ‘honesty of material and construction’ and valued contemporary craftsmanship. They wanted to put their own unique stylistic mark on their home. Staffan Tollgard therefore designed a contemporary decorative motif to run subtly throughout the interior, from architectural detailing and bespoke joinery to soft furnishings and artwork. It was created a calming and consistent theme of natural stone and wood, displayed in a simple form to reveal the materials’ inherent variation and beauty. This gave an overarching boutique, luxury feel to the house. Within this framework Tollgard bridged the gap between boutique and family ideals by playing with colour in order to liven up or calm down individual areas.

This considered approach to materials, form and function provided the clients with a highly unique, bespoke and boutique family home, with which they are thrilled.

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