Sun, September 23, 2012

Old Bearhurst // Duggan Morris Architects


Finding contemporary architecture in the British countryside is a rare event, yet London-based architects Duggan Morris haves designed a structure with a very modern sensibility built into a rural setting. Began as a refurbishment, the project quickly moved into a comprehensive reconstruction and extension. The building was originally an oast house, a type of building of south-eastern England. Originally designed as a space for drying hops, these brick structures, commonly circular roundels with pointed white cowels.

The project not only involved restoring the brick built barn and roundels, but also the construction of a new addition to house family space, work rooms, and a sizeable garage. The addition increases the available space, creating a sprawling house of over 400 sq. m., including bedrooms, a playroom, study, gym, kitchen and living spaces, all on top of a subterranean garage. The master bedroom suite is tucked away on the first floor of the original structure, with an additional bedroom formed from the circular space of an oast house (the other houses a stair). Downstairs, the annex reaches out to the west, encompassing a sizeable new living area, new kitchen, playroom and study, as well as the garage block to the north.

Duggan Morris Architects
Photography by James Brittain
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