Mon, September 24, 2012

Union Jacks in London // Blacksheep


Union Jacks is part of Blacksheep’s continuing partnership with Jamie Oliver. Located in London’s Central St Giles, in the iconic Renzo Piano-designed Lego building, the new restaurant concept takes diners through a journey of discovery through the British culinary tradition. Blacksheep worked hand-in-hand with Jamie, whose love of British culture and heritage underpinned the interior design of the project. The spirit of Britishness is celebrated with nods to yesteryear and subtle references to post-war nostalgia. The two-storey restaurant features vintage chairs and leather seating booths lit by glass pendant lamps, as well as a cinema-style board displaying the menu and specials.

Blacksheep’s biggest challenge was working within the restrictions of the building. The glass walls surrounding the space, for example, could not be covered, allowing passers-by to see through it completely at any ground level vantage point. Blacksheep’s solution came in the form of a ‘canvas’ of three internal walls built to surround a central lift shaft. These walls were designed to act as a backdrop to working areas, and to house the wood-fired ovens, creating a vibrant visual experience for the diner.









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