Tue, February 7, 2012

Soft Brick // Torafu Architects


Torafu Architects was invited to design a product for AISIN as part of DesignTide Tokyo 2011. Using ‘Fine Revo’, a special material used in AISIN’s bedding products, we were given the theme ‘pillow’.

When you touch Fine Revo, you will be surprised as its softness and elasticity will be beyond anything you would imagine. We thought about how we can take these characteristics and turn it into something that is contrary to its appearance. Concrete block walls found in typical Japanese neighborhoods often contain blocks with traditional motif designs, and we decided to turn these familiar objects into soft cushions.

Sofas, partitions and seat cushions can be easily built, and you will soon find yourself creating in a playground of blocks. You can also put the block motifs together and enjoy making interesting pattern combinations.

Via Torafu Architects
Photography by Takumi Ota, Mina Imai








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