Mon, October 1, 2012

Airlie Bank // Neometro in collaboration with MA Architects


So often in Australia, apartments are poorly planned, leaving little scope for any interior design rescue. Not so at Airlie Bank. The bones of this project are well placed, while good use of natural light, sensible planning that is easily adaptive to a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle, light and fresh air to every room, and a recessive yet functional kitchen all work together in a neat composition. The quality of design extends well beyond the architect’s desire for “refined materials which express their natural and raw state.”

Natural side light to kitchen benches; niche lighting to bathrooms; utility areas that are hidden yet accessible; a “borrowed” study; well-planned joinery; practical, elegant sanitary fittings; a generous terrace as outdoor living room extension – all of this adds up to a project greater than the sum of its parts, and one that achieves a high-quality design outcome. A sense of space, light and air is both implied and real in this apartment design. Take out all of the furnishings and still it is a delightful place for city living.

Photography by Shannon McGrath
MA Architects








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