Wed, October 3, 2012

Garage Du Parc // AABE


The Garage Du Parc was previously a petrol station which has been radically transformed. Great care has been taken to preserve the structure of the building. The dual “vehicle” passage now contains the entrance hall as well as an office which does not alter the original dimensions of the given structure.

A new concrete stairway has been carefully fitted into the corner and clearly shows off how it has been constructed: the stairway is anchored to the structure in one place and a sheet of polished steel is used for the banister. On the old ceiling, a series of steel pillars resting on the existing supports hold the new concrete roof in place. A loft has been created inside the roof space. Great care has also been taken to avoid any contact between the interior partitions and the outer wall. The warehouse to the rear is shared between the four houses which each have two gardens enclosed within a wall.









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