Sat, October 6, 2012

Fabric Warehouse // Fearon Hay Architects


A fabric importer has relocated to a 1960’s warehouse in Auckland’s city fringe. The brief called for a delineation of office, meeting & communal dining spaces, all with visual connection to the receiving, racking and distribution of fabric. The brief is met with an insertion of white painted blade walls, steel plate, and rosewood-edged glass into the volume defined by existing black steel portals. The approach aims to maintain the functionality and industrial quality of the warehouse while introducing a refined, light-filled workspace.

A tensioned steel lintel is suspended over a line of operable glass panels, providing a transparent division of space that considers the rhythm & transition between office and warehouse environments.

The large, functional volume of the space is contrasted with detailing of fine rosewood beading, brass fixtures and bespoke steel and timber benches. The importer’s resonant mix of loose textile rolls, furniture and contemporary New Zealand art inhabit the resulting space with an overlap of creativity and industry.

Fearon Hay Architects








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