Mon, October 8, 2012

‘In The Air’ Fashion Collection // Raphaëlle H’Limi


Raphaëlle H’Limi reveals the colors of the next Summer (2013) through her new collection. ‘In The Air’ is inspired by these innocent and unsuspicious young women who adorn them- selves with a graphic mask of wilder feminity. Fluidity and superimposing get involved in a fine work of geometry. From this alliance result free and mysterious silhouettes.

This collection reconciles sharpness, coherence and profusion. The photographer Pauline Darley stages this new collection through a bright, aerial and dreamlike atmosphere. A recognizable look,an omnipresent geometry and a delicate juxtaposition of volumes, such are the codes by excellence of the brand.The used fabrics play with the shock of the contrasts: dresses in crepe of china and silk veil are delicately covered by clothes hulls in gortex, purely technical tissue, cut out by a motive so ornamental as subtle.

For all inquiries please contact Raphaëlle H’Limi or check stockists.

Raphaëlle H’Limi








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